Canonical promotes Ubuntu in the channel

The VAR guy opened up a discussion about the success, or lack thereof, of Canonical's reseller program with Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Linux isn't really something that takes top headlines, and there's no way it can realistically take any meaningful market share away from Microsoft, or even Apple, for that matter. That's nothing against Ubuntu's technical prowess, but it is a matter of marketing and perception. Nonetheless, Canonical is trying to beef up its reseller program and get more solution providers behind the operating system. VAR Guy mentions that some of Canonical's marketing materials say that 11 percent of businesses in the US use Ubuntu, which may be technically accurate, but the figure sounds a little misleading to me. Ubuntu may well be present in 11 percent of businesses, but not as the main productivity platform. Rather, I suspect it would be fairly common for a large enterprise with 1,000 desktops to include a couple Ubuntu boxes in some back office being used by IT guys--not by the rank-and-file.

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