TEAM International sports programs: efforts that effectively bring employees together.

TEAM International sports programs: efforts that effectively bring employees together.

TEAM International, one of the leading providers of IT offshore outsourcing services in Ukraine (Eastern Europe), proudly announces its success in improving employee morale through savvy sports programs.

TEAM International encourages its employees to be active and energetic and realizes that sports are the major drivers of human self-actualization and professional development. Modern management theories suggest that staff members be given opportunities to sustain their emotional state and to keep their stamina at a high productive level. Recognizing and respecting the world’s best practices, TEAM International puts much effort to creating favorable conditions that would allow employees to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing in the workplace. Another concern of TEAM International is to develop an appropriate strategy for the prevention of any possible health issues relating to employees’ sedentary activities. Therefore sports come to be an essential element of TEAM’s corporate policy-making and culture.

In 2007 TEAM International launched a new sports activity compensation program that allows employees to receive partial reimbursement on the money spent for going to the gym, fitness clubs and/or other sports groups. Each TEAM’s employee is eligible to request a free swimming-pool membership card which is valid during twelve months. TEAM welcomes any initiative from employees on how to improve and expand its existing sports programs.

The company strives for the development of a sports-friendly environment within each department, this has subsequently turned into a serious community-building effort. On June 15 2008 TEAM International together with the famous Kharkov beach-volleyball club “Kenguru” held the 1st Open TEAM International Outdoor Beach Volleyball Tournament. TEAM staff members enjoyed the event so much that the company carried out the 2nd Open Outdoor Tournament involving twice as many participants as before.

This event assisted the staff in making their health-focused choices and had an overall team spirit lifting mission. It served as a good example of fair play that TEAM International respects and employs in its business operations and relationships with partners and customers.

It is expected that such open beach volleyball tournaments be held on a regular basis and involve participation of other IT development companies working in the local software industry.

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