Everything but the kitchen sink (and maybe that coming soon)

On a slow holiday news day, we bring you a bit of iPod-based whimsy: Gorenje, a Slovenian appliance manufacturer, is selling an iPod-ready refrigerator. The refrigerator holds some sort of iconic power over tech visionaries, as virtually every new technology is touted as integrating with the fridge in order to make your everyday life newer and better, usually in conjunction with some kind of home automation (sending you emails when your milk has spoiled?).

Anyhoo, the iFridge (note: not actually the name, but it should be) seems vaguely more plausible than most -- it basically allows you to easily play music through built-in speakers while you cook or wash the dishes, which seems like functionality that people might actually use. The company also has an iPod/iPhone-formatted recipe Web site that you can access, which seems significantly sillier; how much food prep do you actually do standing within a foot of your refrigerator, as you'd need to be to actually read the thing? Still, we are pleased to see yet another attempt by gadget nerds to capture the kitchen. It won't be the last.

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