Do Certifications Make a Difference?

My organization is seriously looking at IT industry certifications as a way of developing and validating our IT skills. There’s been mixed reactions to the introduction of IT certifications. Some believe that it’s a way of elevating certain professions within the organization that may not have received the recognition that they deserve. Others think that certification for the sake of certification doesn’t  really help us reach our goals and move the organization forward.

Now, I’ve been around IT certifications since the early 90’s when Novell first introduced the CNE program. I’ve seen the birth and maturing of the certification industry, gone through the “paper certification” craze, and come out the other end, where companies won’t release a technology without introducing an accompanying certification and training program.

So I got to thinking, “What is the value in today’s IT certifications?” What do they get you and are they worth it? (These spontaneous thoughts might also have been triggered by Microsoft’s introduction of their $18K “Master” certification program.)

So this week let’s hear from you. Share with us your thoughts on IT certifications.

  • Can you afford to get them on your own and would you invest in them?

  • Does your company care about certification?

  • Did they help you get your last job?


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