Blogs useful for integrators

Normally, I don’t spend time reading blogs. If I read all those that I’d find useful, I’d never get anything done. Nevertheless, there’s some good stuff out there.

Microsoft has dozens of blogs, but here are two with important info about the products you’ll be selling in the future.

Microsoft’s new blog from Windows chief Steve Sinofsky dedicated to the engineering of improving IE performance. You’ll find a thorough discussion of how Microsoft is going about building a faster browser.

Hewlett-Packard has dozens of blogs, some good, some pretty bad. But a company with as diverse a product line as HP needs most of these.

At Sun Microsystems, the blog of CEO Jonathan Schwartz seems to be on hiatus, but you can keep up to date with the breaking news blog.

When it comes to the channel blogs from Ingram Micro provide a wealth of information about reseller services. Good reading.

There are plenty more official blogs from dozens of technology companies, and thousands of good ones from independent users, developers, among other experts. If you can wade through the blogs that a just whines and rants, there’s plenty of useful info out there.

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