Apple September 9 event promises to be SO BORING

So there's an Apple thing that will be happening in San Francisco next week and Steve Jobs will be there and I guess they'll unveil some new iPods or something and good LORD I can't bring myself to care, despite the company's pledge that we will, in fact, rock. Does this make me a bad Apple fanboy? Everyone seems to think it's going to be about the iPod nano (aka "the most boring of the iPods") which will now have tapered edges or whatever and can't you just feel the excitement?

Everyone else seems to be bored about it too, as they're just making up random things that might be revealed at the same time, like a "Macbook touch" (ha ha, no) or an iPod that comes preloaded with terrible Top 40 music and exactly the sort of subscription music service Apple has sworn to avoid (seriously, no). The New York Times' Matt Richtel was so wracked with ennui while contemplating the upcoming event that he cheered himself up by prank-called Microsoft to ask what exciting Zune upgrades might be in the pipeline. Unless something vaguely interesting happens in the next week, this will be your faithful blogger's last mention of this supposedly "rocking" event, until it actually happens, and maybe not even then.

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