Google phone faces some limitations on corporate email

I like the new Google phone, which was made available by T-Mobile last week. Long-term, it’s going to be a mighty competitor to the Apple iPhone. The presence of smartphones in general, whether they are from Google, Apple, RIM, or anybody else, has made mobile email part of the enterprise. It has become commonplace for executives, sales reps, and other corporate road warriors to check and send company email while at lunch, on the road, or at a kid’s ballet recital–and there’s no doubt that this has been a tremendous boon for productivity. But what about email security and archiving? The folks in the back office handling email security and trying to stay compliant with archiving policies and regulations aren’t so happy about it.

Without a formal procedure in place, the path of least resistance is for road warriors to simply use their smartphones with free public email accounts, such as Hotmail or Gmail, but this is a corporate no-no (as we learned in the case of Ms. Palin) since it completely bypasses all corporate (or government agency, as the case may be) policies and precautions. Read more>>

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