Vendor Neutral vs. Cisco Wireless Certification

As I have spent much time with Cisco equipment, I have had a tendency to lean towards Cisco Certifications. It's not that I don't like other vendors, it's just that this is the world I live in. But still when it comes to the wireless arena I have found that there are not too many options. Cisco has recently thrown their hat into the game with the CCNA wireless certification, and the CCIE wireless is in the making. It's just speculation, but a CCNP wireless would not seem far-fetched. Still it's a vendor specific certification. How valuable is that going to be to someone's career?

On the other hand there is the CWNP. The CWNP is a vendor neutral certification that, in my opinion, is very well laid out. The material is clear and concise. According to the web site, someone that is just getting into the wireless arena would benefit from the Wireless# (Pronounced Wireless Sharp) Certification. You could then follow that with the CWNA. CWNA Wireless LAN Administration is pretty much the entry into wireless for the enterprise. Both of these certifications are great courses that can easily be self taught, but I highly recommend the instructor-led training.

To add to this wireless specialization, you can do the CWSP (Wireless Security) and after you have obtained all of the aforementioned certifications, if you are glutton for punishment, you can try for the CWNE, which certifies the highest-level of expertise. Think of it as the vendor neutral CCIE.

So what is my point? Simple. I want to know what you think. If you are a CCNA wireless I want you to sound off on why you got it. If you are a CWNA, CWSP, or CWNE I want to know the same. Why did you get it, or even why are you considering it. What made you choose one in particular and if you went through it already how has it helped your career.

In my next article, I'll be touching on topics related to your responses so make 'em count!

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