VMware HA Fixed for SMB 2 node clusters

If you have updated your VMware ESX hosts to version 3.5 Update 2 and only have two nodes in your cluster, you may have noticed some VMware HA oddities. Specifically not being able to evacuate VMs when entering maintenance mode, VMs not powering off if a node crashed, or even being able to power on VMs if the second node was in maintenance mode or crashed.

I was bit by both these issues, and the solution is finally available. There is a patch for ESX with Security Updates to hostd,vmkctl,vmx (ESX350-200809404-SG) and the new update to VMware VirtualCenter 2.5.0 (Update 3).

Since VMware HA is an intrinsic part of many a cluster it is a best practice to install both the VMware ESX patch and Vmware Virtual Center update.

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