RealDVD sales suspended under court request – RealNetworks has been ordered to suspend sale of its RealDVD software, under pressure from the media industries.

The software is designed to allow users to copy and store films taken from a DVD to a hard drive. The solution means consumers can safely carry films they already own on their computers, keeping the safe and making their collections easy to browse.

Concerned at the impact on DVD sales, the film industry commenced action to halt sales of the software last week, filing litigation against Real citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Real fought back with a counter-suit designed to prove its software's legality.

Pending a decision, the US courts have asked that RealDVD sales be suspended until Tuesday, when it has reviewed all the papers involved in the case.

"Rest assured we will work diligently to provide you with software that allows you to make a legal copy of your DVDs," RealNetworks explains on its website.

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