Welcome to our new blog!

It might seem unusual for two people to share a blog, but we have collaborated on so many things. For example, we both had a hand in creating and sustaining a six-year old community of practice for CIOs and senior IT professionals in the Greater Philadelphia Metro area, the CIO Institute.

We also co-authored/edited a book aptly titled CIO Wisdom II, along with several papers, and have worked on a number of projects together through Tom's company, UpStreme Inc. More importantly, we've been friends during all this time (and Tom's got a nice boat).

From our bios, you can see that we come from two fairly different backgrounds. But as we collaborated successfully on so many things, we decided to combine our complimentary views of the world of the CIO, and our ongoing activities with the CIO Institute in this blog. We'll take turns posting entries, and occasionally, post jointly.

We welcome your questions, suggestions, and comments and look forward to sharing our world view with you.

Best regards,

Tom Costello and Phil Laplante

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