Preparing for VMworld

Preparing for VMworld is like preparing for the first day of a new job where you do not know anyone. You may know some of the 14000 attendees but you may not know many and they will be hard to find unless you make arrangements prior to the show. So here are my tips for taking it all in.

  • If you want to meet up with someone specific make arrangements to do so before the show. Pick a place to meet or a drop location for meetings. If you are staying at the Venetian, have people leave a note for you at the front desk. However be aware they may need to know your room number. Otherwise there will be a bulletin board and there is always cell phones to home in on one another.
  • Ditch the sessions if you want. These are being recorded and you can always see the material after the fact. This is a show for networking and talking virtualization with anyone. However, if there is a session that really interests you go by all means. This is after all a prime time to learn more about virtualization and to get your questions asked. Come to P01861: VMTN Communities Experts to get your questions answered by Myself and other VMTN Communities Moderators.
  • Do not try to get together with the big boys unless you know them. They are like candy to kids, everyone will want to associate with them.
  • See the show floor, get out and talk to the vendors and engineers at the company. If you have a problem with their product, bring it up. If you have praise, give that as well. This is a very good time to form better relationships with your vendors.
  • Consultants, this is an ideal time to meet up with customers, they will expect you to find them if you have not already made arrangements to meet up.
  • There is more going on after the show. Something for everyone, they will be posted at the show. Some are invitation only, but others are open to the public. Finding them should not be hard.
  • Do not be shy. Step up and talk to people. This is the time to talk shop all day long.
  • Bring a comfortable pair of shoes. You will be walking a lot!
  • Bring a water bottle. Vegas is after all within a desert, you will need refreshment. VMworld will provide some refreshment, do not count on it being there.
  • Bring a snack like energy bars. Once more, snacks may be attainable but they will not always be there.
  • Make use of the 7 track rooms for rest, recuperation, and to listen to ad hoc untaped discussions and presentations.
  • Get the swag! Lots of good stuff will be there.
  • Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Well there you have it. Enjoy the show.

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