The mysterious "Mac": A computer from the people who brought you the iPhone

So it's nearly a month into my stint as a genuine Apple blogger and I have barely even touched upon the thing that actually sucked me into Steve Jobs' orbit, which is the Mac. I guess that's because it's been a pretty boring month for the Mac. The latest rumors are that there will be notebook updates on October 14; since I bought my first-ever Mac laptop last month, I'm honestly kind of surprised it's taken this long to make my purchase obsolete.

What's most intriguing to me about this is that one of the products due for a rumored upgrade is the MacBook Air, which may be borrowing the new bigger Flash-based drive that just debuted in the latest revision of the iPod nano. Obviously these are all built by third parties for Apple, but it's interesting to see a sort of ecosystem of components springing up across product lines. With the advent of the iPhone and iPod Touch, both offering functionality that's leaps and bounds beyond what a traditional iPod can do, it all may presage an Apple product lineup where the divide between gadgets and computers isn't so clear-cut.

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