Not politics

While it’s not our intention to make this column a political one, we can’t help but wonder about the impact of the upcoming election on the things that keep a CIO awake at night. Nor are we in the business of endorsing candidates, though, we will say, that the ability to type should not be a pre-requisite for a president, and in fact, we can’t think of a worse way for a president to spend his time than doing email, especially if he gets as much as we do. Anyway, we believe in letting smart people make an informed decision. You can find the respective technology positions for McCain and Obama at the following links.



We will offer an analysis however. Each statement was written by a team of policy wonks, and the future presidents likely had no significant input. It seems that each of these statements are sufficiently comprehensive and vague as to defy much comparison. We think that CIOs should worry more about the prospective economic impact of the future president and the quality of that president’s staff appointments in technology, as evidenced by his track record of appointments, and not on the political musings of policy wonks.

Please let us know if you think.

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