A Top 25 List Worth Checking

Lists abound on every subject, and “top” lists certainly depend on the lister, who often has different ideas than the listee. However, PC World in September put out a list titled “25 Best Business Software Tools and Web Services” that should include at least a dozen items from everyone's Top 25 list.

By the way, I didn't hear about this list from PC World, but from PC World Canada. If you're feeling Canadian, check out their Top 25 list.

Why is this list important when we're watching the financial world disappear faster than campaign ethics? Because when times get lean, you want to make sure you have the best tools in hand to fight back. Ask a mechanic, and you'll likely hear that knowledge comes first, but good tools make a huge difference getting a job done.

Many of these tools are free, and most are Web-based services. While the locally-run software tools can certainly make a claim they're worth the price of admission, in a down market like today, being able to try a system online for a month free trail helps the decision process.

Everyone wants to do more with less. This list is a good starting point for those looking to fix current problems with some new tools.

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