IPhone 2.1 jailbroken, unlock hack in circulation


Macworld.co.uk – IPhone (and iPod touch) Software 2.1 has been unlocked by the iPhone Dev Team.

The move means the cat and mouse game between Apple and hackers attempting to open the platform up for use on different mobile phone networks and in order to install non-Apple approved music applications continues.

The iPhone Dev team released software - Pwnage Tool - to unlock the iPhone and iPod touch across this last weekend.

For its part, Apple has introduced new anti-unlocking measures within iTunes 8, measures designed to prevent some hacks from working. And the Dev Team claims Apple has built-in a series of countermeasures within iTunes, in order that unlocked iPhones won't easily sync with the system.

"We're waiting to see what Apple tries next," the iPhone Dev Team says. "But we think they might want to rethink their priorities. They probably won't though."

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