New Malware Attack Targets Obama

A massive new spam attack has security vendors warning IT admins to ramp up their spam filters. The spam is of the fake but lurid headline variety, but this time the fake headline targets presidential candidate Barack Obama. The email claims to be a breaking news story about an Obama sex scandal and includes a link to a video claiming to show the senator in a sexual tryst with several Ukranians during his visit to that country last year.

Anyone who clicks on the link is treated to a 14 second pornographic video, which masks the fact malware is being downloaded to their computer. The malware includes a Trojan that allows a hacker to take full control of the PC and a keylogger that sends every keystroke to a remote server controlled by the hacker. This type of malware could be particularly disastrous should an employee unwittingly download it onto a company PC and give a hacker access to sensitive corporate info, so beware and make sure those spam filters are working!

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