Political Votes Increase Spam

In the United States the John McCain and Barack Obama presidential campaigns are not the only events cranking up into full swing. With vice presidential running mates now selected, there are recent warnings about political email and blog spam increasing.

Due to a legal loophole in the CAN-SPAM Act that allows politicians to send political email without limits, this will contribute to the volume of spam increasing. This also creates opportunity for spammers. So beware of spam disguised as legitimate political email. Since this presidential race is running so close, both sides will be ramping up email campaigns. With the emotional content of the issues both candidates are trying to present, people will be easily tempted to open email from unknown senders. Spammers count on this type of behavior, which causes people drop their guard.

McCain’s political machine is offering points that be converted to rewards, for people to post comments about his presidential platform of U.S. issues. This has been encouraging people to post unrelated comments to blog articles. Read the rest of this article>>

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