The Microsoft Commercials with Gates and Seinfeld

I just got off the phone with my long-time buddy David Strom. We've been working for some of the same trade magazines, and competing trade magazines, for years. David's the real deal, since he's usually Editor in Chief or section editor, hiring freelance writers like your humble narrator. His enormously useful (and fun) newsletter and blog, David Strom's Web Informant, should be on your required reading list. It's on mine.

He's speaking at the ITEC show in St. Louis, doing a funny keynote on Thursday morning called “Thanking Bill Gates: Looking Back on 20 Years of IT Innovation.” He told me the problem he's having now is working the decidedly unfunny Gates and Seinfeld commercials into his humorous presentation.

I said to explain the commercials this way: Microsoft provided the same quality user experience in the commercials that they did in Vista. David laughed and laughed, and promised to give me credit for the line at least once. That's all I can ask.

We both raced to blogify the quote to see who gets there first. At least we're having fun with these commercials, which is more than most people can say.

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