VAR cannot be an island

According to an entry in the RFID Switchboard, 35 percent of revenues earned by IT channel partners are the result of relationships with other VARs. The report further notes that up to 80 percent of all VARs have partnerships with other VARs.

It makes sense. Although IT is a highly competitive business, it is also a highly specialized one. Companies often need solutions that incorporate technology that is out of their particular VAR's field of expertise, or incorporates multiple technologies--and so the logical solution is cooperation between two or more VARs to meet all the requirements of the deal. This type of cooperation between VARs is going to become even more commonplace in the wake of the present economic disaster. Recession is almost a sure thing at this point, and "getting the deal" will become a little bit harder for everyone. The Switchboard announced the creation of the VAR Biz Exchange to help facilitate this type of cooperation; this type of platform is becoming increasingly popular and necessary to survive.

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