Mitigating Risk with Quality Checkpoints – Has quality assurance fallen to the bottom of your priority list? Learn why it should be top of mind at every stage of development!

It’s the sordid little secret of many IT development organizations: with tight schedules, tighter budgets, and projects increasing both in scope and complexity, the deadline too often becomes the all-important goal. From the boardroom executives on down to the line managers in the development cubicles, little if any forethought is being given to quality. The mission is clear: Get to the market first and fast. Fix it later. Catch the bugs in testing after the coding is mostly done.

“We’re too busy for process improvement” is a frequent refrain. Occasionally, well-meaning management might resort to a slogan like “Quality Is Job One.” The reality, though, is that quality becomes Job 1.1.

Not only is management lacking insight into the process, in the trenches, at the developer level, there is no clear focus on quality assurance. Certainly testing may be carried out, usually at the end of the development work, but testing does nothing to ensure quality of the software product.

Read the full article Mitigating Risk with Quality Checkpoints by Jeffery Gainer to learn more about the role of quality assurance at every stage of development process:

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