Squeezing More Mailbox Rules Into Exchange/Outlook

If you're an information hound like I am, you probably receive hundreds of emails each day and have created a complex folder structure in your mailbox and lots of rules to route messages into the appropriate folder. What happens when you hit the limit (64 KB by default in Exchange 2007 and customizable up to 256 KB) for the amount of storage available for storing mailbox rules?

You have four options. First, you could try and design your rules more efficiently by grouping rules together into more complex rules, thus reducing the number of rules you need to create.

Second, you could rename your folders to make their names shorter (e.g. rename "Important Items" as "II") thus reducing the amount of storage needed for each rule.

Third, you could shorten the names you give to your rules.

Fourth, you could shorten the name and path to your PST files if your rules route mail to folders in PST files.

And finally, you could abandon the idea of using mailbox folders and rules entirely and use Outlook 2007's new Search Folders for organizing your mail instead. Search Folders let you define a "virtual folder" structure you can use to quickly browse everything in your mailbox. You can find out more about Search Folders here on Office Online.

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