What to do about email when traveling?

Most of us take our laptops with us when we travel, and we use them to check and send email while on the road. Of course, it’s a risk. Besides outright theft of the device, there could be Wi-Fi data thieves sitting across from us at the airport looking through our files, compromised networks, and all manner of threats. Using public computers available at airport terminals and Internet cafes is no better, the risk of using a computer with a keygrabber installed exists and you could easily lose your password to an identity thief.

Still, we continue to travel with our laptops, and most of the time, come out unscathed. The Department of Homeland Security has issued some advice, according to Information Week, about these risks. When it comes to advice from the goverment, I’m usually of the school of thought that says to ignore it. The report, titled “Foreign Travel Threat Assessment: Electronic Communications Vulnerabilities”, is on the money in encouraging caution, and lays out some realistic threat scenarios that many travelers may not have considered. The report notes that foreign governments themselves may be guilty of targeting computers and electronic devices as a means of gathering intelligence. Don’t ever assume that you will have any type of electronic privacy or guarantees of security. Read the rest of this article>>

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