Email Administrator Career Risk Management

The best server hardware configuration is in place for SMTP mail routing. Back up building generators are available in the office building. Uninterruptible power supplies, with UPS monitoring software, are connected to the email servers. So brown outs, electrical spikes and blackouts are in place to maintain server functionality. Top of the line archiving and back up software has been implemented.

Then that one time comes along. The CEO’s office or a senior manager makes a request to access an archived email that has an important document attached. The email or or attached document cannot be accessed.

One would think with all these safe guards in place data integrity should never be an issue. It’s a funny thing. When mr. disaster comes along, he usually brings his very close cousin, Murphy’s law.

The point is nothing should replace the performance of data integrity check “fire drills”. Assuming all is well, without manually checking, could very well impact your career. Server memory caching issues could occur. Data might be resting on bad pits on the hard drive. Similar to a car, anything that moves will eventually break or malfunction. Read the rest of this story>>

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