Selling consultatively

Ramon Vela, the "StreetSmart VAR" made an interesting post in his blog today, making a modest but valuable suggestion to manufacturers on how to organize their marketing guidelines.

Vela points out that resellers tend to sell consultatively, that is, looking at each client's particular problems and then coming up with a customized solution. Most VARs have much more success with this solutions-oriented approach, as opposed to a strictly product-based approach. In other words, instead of leading off with "buy this product, it's great," a VAR says, "let me fix your problem."

Manufacturers, on the other hand, go with the opposite strategy, often focusing their marketing strategies on product-based marketing initiatives, rather than marketing that revolves around creating an overall solution. This puts the VAR and the manufacturer at odds on occasion, and may even close the door to sales if the customer has had a negative experience with a given product in the past.

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