Apple Macbook rumors on the brink of madness

In ancient times, a fearful humanity used many unusual methods to try to foretell the future. The ancient Romans, for instance, were firm believers that birds could help them know what was coming next; their priests would analyze their movements for omens and, when that failed, would cut them open and poke through their entrails, looking for enlightenment.

When the Apple community is faced with a similar dilemma, like it is today -- OH MY GOODNESS NEW MACBOOKS ARE COMING BUT WHEN AND WHAT AND HOW MUCH SO EXCITED!!! -- they use similarly arcane methods to suss out the truth. Almost as bizarre as deriving information from chicken intestines is the rumor buzz from leaked screenshots supposedly from the inventory system of Best Buy's Canadian subsidiary. Behold, the graphic that has the rumor world a-buzz!


MacRumors' Arn says that this information has itself been put into the system based on rumor information rather than hard facts, but that hasn't stopped speculation about the number and types of new models that this pointless list of placeholder data implies. For me, the most interesting part is that in Canada, you can get both English and French vapor-Macbooks! Who knew?

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