Windows 7 Nonsense Heating Up

I expect Microsoft to spread FUDge everywhere about Windows 7, for all their typical reasons. Microsoft wants people to believe the fix for Vista is right around the corner, so there's no reason to start looking at other operating systems, such as Macintosh or Linux or even stick with XP. After all, is there any chance in the world the system requirements for Windows 7 (whenever it arrives, probably early 2011) will be less than those for Vista?

Might as well spend the money to upgrade your hardware today to run Vista so you won't blame another hardware upgrade cost on Windows 7. OK, we will blame Windows 7 no matter what, because it will also require a huge hardware upgrade.

I don't blame Microsoft for playing this game, because it's their operating system and their historic model of business. I do blame companies starting to mention they “work with Windows 7” already (names changed to protect the stupid).

No company can claim to “work with Windows 7” because there's no Windows 7 to work with. Any company that claims that blows more hot air than Microsoft.

If you're in a small or medium business, ignore Windows 7 for the next five years. If you can keep ignoring Vista for another year, that's even better, but you won't be able to, especially when you buy new laptops. Certainly ignore companies trying to jump on the smoke and mirrors that is Windows 7 today.

As I was writing this first paragraph with Jango's music Web site playing in the background, GoldFinger sang “Open your eyes to the billions of lies they tell you everyday.” Hmm, is the universe telling us something?

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