Microsoft Partner Program Finds More Paths to Profit

Windows Vista may not be doing much for our bottom line, but Microsoft is making it easier to give you more choices when it comes to structuring volume licensing deals. That should mean you’ll have more avenues for generating revenue.

The annual Volume Licensing program agreement refresh includes changes to licensing options, fulfillment, and the price list. The idea is that you’ll be able to offer customers more flexibility and manageability.

The updates to the Open License, Open Value, and Open Value Subscription programs are designed to meet a wider variety of customer needs. In addition to new enterprise product offerings, there is a customizable platform that lets customers choose a wider array of product combinations. According to Microsoft, this answers a key shortcoming.

Then there's the new Select Plus program. It’s a transactional Microsoft Volume Licensing program that offers streamlined account management and a non-expiring agreement to large organizations with multiple affiliates. This is great for integrators and solutions providers focused on services. It will be easier for ISV partners to add Microsoft licensed products to integrated solutions. That’s a good thing. For integrators selling into the public sector the number of choices for government organizations has been increased.

In perhaps the simplest improvement that will return the greatest results, more products are now included in price lists. That couldn’t have been so hard, so why not until now? Anyway, find out about additions to the Microsoft Product List for Volume Licensing and Volume Licensing price lists by clicking the links. Good luck!

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