The state of information security

CSO’s annual “Global State of Information Security” survey brings to light a few of the failures of how people approach information security, and in particular, focuses on the current economic crisis and the impact that it is having on security technology.

Anecdotally, a quick review of the news headlines would indicate that high-profile attacks are on the rise; in particular, email-based attacks are causing serious damage. Whilst one headline proclaims that the infamous “Storm” worm is dead, another proclaims that the Warezov botnet is back in business and going full-force. And while businesses may be feeling the pinch and be inclined to spend less on security, the people doing the attacking are not vulnerable to the economic crisis. In fact, if anything, there are more of them than before. Poverty and desperate circumstances tend to breed crime. And just as I’m seeing more gas station and convenience store robberies in my town, I’m seeing more cybercrime in the virtual world as well. Read the rest of this story>>

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