Beyond the Price of Labor: IT Outsourcers Shifting Focus – The trends are clear… IT outsourcers are demanding more than cheap labor from their offshore partners. Learn how Central and Eastern Europe have gained a stronghold in this evolving industry!

The stereotypes commonly circulated about outsourcing are becoming increasingly farther from the truth. Western firms that outsource their information technology work are relying less on traditional markets in Southeast Asia to fulfill large chunks of services and more on providers in Central and Eastern Europe to do customized and compartmentalized tasks. Recent research indicates that IT outsourcers are seeking greater knowledge of and attention to specific products and services and that the successful labor providers are those that show adaptability and response to their clients in a variety of ways.

Results from the 2008 Black Book of Outsourcing survey of top IT company executives reflect the growth of the Central and Eastern European markets compared to their Asian counterparts. The Black Book research as well as a Forrester Research study indicate that IT companies are redirecting their outsource spending toward providers that can come up with more than just simple labor. Another study that focused on healthcare firms found that while they are becoming less likely to outsource the bulk of their IT departments, the successful outsource providers are the ones that are taking a more integrated and active role in the company.

Read on to learn about the current trends and changes on the world IT outsourcing map: Beyond the Price of Labor: IT Outsourcers Shifting Focus

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