Silverlight: Is It the Ultimate Web Site “Stickiness” Solution? – If there’s one thing that’s getting Web developers and designers excited these days, it’s Microsoft's Silverlight, touted to make Web sites "sticky."

Web designers, and developers too, have seen so many software applications that promise to deliver practically everything you can throw at them, and most fall short of expectations. But there is one tool that’s getting them all excited because of what it promises to deliver.

The name is Silverlight, one of the newest additions to the Microsoft family of products that is compatible with .NET-based interactive applications for Internet multi-media. Similarly, different browsers can be used to access the Web pages and at the same time use various plug-ins under many other platforms to further enhance the pages.

More about Microsoft Silverlight as a unique website “stickiness” solution you can read in this article: Silverlight: Is It the Ultimate Web Site “Stickiness” Solution?

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