Developing Business Models to Adapt to Economic Uncertainty

Quantrix – Are you struggling to keep the models that inform your company’s decision-making up-to-date with rapidly changing business and economic conditions? If you depend on spreadsheets or enterprise business intelligence and planning tools for forecasting, budgeting, planning, and other financial and operational modeling, then you have probably been spending too much time reworking them and not enough time managing events. Models that you trusted only months ago are now perceived as irrelevant, or worse, as a liability, because they could lead to seriously flawed actions. Unfortunately, spreadsheets and BI and planning tools become increasingly rigid after time and don’t allow you to quickly answer the “what if” questions for making future-critical decisions. Relying on these models becomes a real hindrance as you seek to understand and realign to new business realities.

A new white paper from Quantrix ( outlines the ways that professionals can reduce the risks associated with rapidly evolving business conditions and identify new paths to success.

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