Near Atlanta? Come See Me

I'm speaking both Wednesday and Thursday at the ITEC show in Atlanta. If you're in the Atlanta area, please come say hello.

On Wednesday, I'll be doing my Explaining Geeks to Humans and the Inverse presentation. Lots of jokes, with some hidden messages about how geeks and non-geeks can work together. Fun, and there's no two drink minimum.

On Thursday, I'll open the show with my Technology Is Broken: How to Fix IT in Your Business keynote. Not quite as many jokes as in Explaining Geeks, but more music and more technical details.

Later on Thursday I'll do the Laptop Safety Seminar. Everything you want to know about keeping your laptop safe, your data safer, and your reputation spotless. Remember, people don't get fired for losing a laptop, they get fired for losing the data on that laptop. Don't lose your data.

The ITEC show is free to qualified attendees (if you deal with technology in some way at work, you qualify), so come on and see some shows, walk around some booths, and get a free lunch. Yes, free lunch on both Wednesday and Thursday.

If you're part of the Technology Alliance of Georgia, your meeting is at ITEC. So you folks should certainly come say hello.

My last ITEC conference will be Portland on December 10th and 11th. If you're close to Atlanta this week or Portland in December, I'd love to shake your hand.

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