The flipside of spam protection: Keeping your business out of blacklists

We do pay a lot of attention to filtering out spam, and rightly so. The vast majority of all email traffic is spam, and while some of it is merely annoying, some also contains dangerous malware in the form of attachments, or links to malicious web sites. It drains bandwidth and saps productivity. Constant vigilance and strong protection is called for.

At the same time though, email has become a vital part of business, and a vital part of marketing and customer relations. Where does spam stop and valid email-based marketing begin? It’s not as clear as one might think. Some take the position that anything whatsoever related to a commercial product is spam, which is actually a bit shortsighted. Companies whose products you use, for example, may create a periodic email newsletter, to keep you and other customers informed of changes, updates, and industry information.

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