Microsoft Exchange LCR Compliments Archiving

Recently I had an opportunity to meet with an associate and email administrator in New York City named Lisa Bruno. She and her team are involved in a Lotus Notes-to-Microsoft Exchange migration. Lisa shared some interesting insights. Having recently migrated to Exchange 2007, one of the many questions we find is ‘what to use for backup?’. Within Exchange you can set a “Local Continuous Replication”. It takes an exact replica of the storage group. Now the question is, since Local Continuous Replication is set do we need third party backup software? In response to that question, we determined that yes we still need a backup solution. By no means should LCR be considered as the only form of backup. LCR also compliments any implemented archiving solutions by adding an extra utility for maintaining data integrity. Data integrity is crucial to just that one instance when archived data must be retrieved due to a legal inquiry. While it does give that option and helps in recovering quickly, it should not be the end of all. Read the rest of this article>>

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