Educate your email users about phishing

Last week one of my clients received the resurfaced American Express phishing email. And yesterday an associate told me a dastardly story about being fleeced out of $2,700 from his Citibank account. This was the result of responding to a phishing email. Although email administrators may be more educated and wiser to phishing emails, we must continue to stick to the basics in reiterating and providing ongoing education to our email end users. As mundane and simple as it may be to us, it’s important to stick to the basics.

Educate your email users with the following information in your next phishing alert email or newsletter:

What is phishing? Phishing is when some one sits there and creates a spam message to fool the user into thinking that they are going to a legitimate web site and ask them to give up personal information, such as their social security, credit card and bank account numbers. However, this fake web site is only set to steal the user’s information. The email may look like it is coming from a legit company - creating a web site is easy and to make it look like one from a legitimate business is not hard either.

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