Electronic voting could work

There have been a rash of email scams related to the election. Besides the usual nonsense viral emails that describe the candidate of your choice as the boogeyman, complete with “absolute proof” that they eat babies and are BFFs with Osama bin Laden, there are some more dangerous ones floating around. One tries to tell people that they will be unable to vote if their home is in foreclosure, which is not true and would, of course, be unconstitutional if it were.

On the subject of voting and technology, I am always surprised and dismayed when technologists and IT people, who otherwise try to find a digital solution to virtually anything including buying soda from a machine, start talking about how e-voting can’t work and we should continue to use paper ballots. I’ve seen techies describe in print how e-voting “threatens democracy” and even referring to an “electoral apocalypse”. C’mon people, we can make a machine re-create the Big Bang, but we can’t create a serviceable electronic voting machine? I don’t believe it. Read the rest of this article>>

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