CareerSaver offers more choices through new financing relationship

CareerSaver – CareerSaver the leading provider in IT training and certification solutions announced today that it has installed a new customer financing program designed to help IT professionals obtain the necessary training and certifications so important in today’s economy. CareerSaver is enabling that by offering their customers a flexible and cost effective way to procure the continuing education and certifications needed to stay current and secure their career in today’s uncertain job market.

“How financing is packaged is tantamount; conserving cash while obtaining certifications is critical to ones’ job security and advancement in today’s economy.” said CareerSaver Chief Operating Officer, Derek Grasso. “So we are very pleased to have this agreement with Monterey Financial Services in place because it not only extends additional options to our customers, but we believe MFS is also well positioned to offer their expertise in structuring preferred finance packages so that our business customers may realize the greatest financial benefits possible.” “For example, organizations can move forward with their training initiatives while spreading up-front payments over time, conserving cash for other investments and maintaining their strong competitive edge.”

Mr. Grasso went on to say that with CareerSaver’s the global grow the next step will be the availability of worldwide customer financing.

About CareerSaver

Located in Florida, CareerSaver has developed adaptive IT training and certification material that involves all of the senses. Their training programs employ an array of multi-dimensional learning techniques that makes their Four Point learning system so successful. Their strategic partnerships with companies large and small, authors, trainers and educators allow them to provide a suite of training solutions and a flexible model that can be adapted to fit the needs and resources of any individual or institution. From basic courses to intensive professional programs their certification training tracks are designed for both the beginner and professional. CareerSaver’s computer based instruction is proven and now more affordable than ever!


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