5 ways to survive a layoff

Bruce Culbert is CEO of iSymmetry and myCRMcareer. iSymmetry is an IT recruiting firm that specializes in CRM, ERP, EAI, SCM. myCRMcareer is the first and only social media network exclusively for CRM professionals. He offers these tips to help you make yourself more layoff-proof, which in turn will help your company and your personal career grow.

  • The key to staying valuable to your employer is really no different than in good times, but critical in slow economic times.
  • Take initiative to learn on your own. There are so many developments that it's important to invest your time in your career by getting the latest technology training even if you must pay for it and do it on your own time.
  • Be flexible in accepting work assignments. Be willing to accept responsibility for others who have been laid off and take on some new responsibilities because there is no budget to hire.
  • Be a problem solver: Don't complain about the difficult circumstance the economy may bring upon your company. Look for solutions to problems.
  • Know your business and how your role impacts customers and the bottom line. Even though you assume a specific IT role within your company, you must be able to think like the CEO and see the big picture.
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