Hardware Asset Management - Manage Your PC Inventory

SAManage – To better manage your IT asset you need a tool that gives you instant IT Visibility - the detailed configuration you need of ALL of your PC assets. The information you are seeking should include the updated configuration and physical location of each computer, server or laptop you have on your network. Tag each asset and assign it to users and technical owners. These hardware hardware properties includes CPU, BIOS, disks, sound cards and many others, and know exactly which software titles are installed and used on each of your computers.

When selecting an hardware asset management tool you should consider a tool that helps you automate the process of keeping track of the hardware assets across your network, allowing you to know everything that happens on your network and with your hardware assets and allowing you to easily maintain and access a full history of changes to your assets ("audit log").

Corporations, small business, government agencies or educational institution, all require a comprehensive solution for managing software and hardware assets, controlling expenses, and automating license compliance. These are the key areas that you need to focus on when selecting a solution for your organization:

* Inventory hardware assets, including computers, software, servers, laptops, and mobile devices that connect to your network.

* Get Instant IT visibility: View updated configuration and physical location of each computer, server or laptop.

* Search every hardware asset by CPU, by operating system, by vendor and many more.

* Provide value by analyzing your assets inventory and status to detect risks and issues that require your attention.

Implementing an automatic hardware asset management system will help you gain better visibility into your hardware assets and better control your IT infrastructure resulting with reduced IT costs.

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