QuickTime update fixes DRM glitch (sort of)

Say, remember that pesky bug that prevented users of Apple's new DisplayPort-enabled laptops from watching legitimately purchased iTunes Store content on non-DisplayPort monitors? Well, Apple today released QuickTime 7.5.7, which fixes the problem -- for certain limited definitions of "fix."

With QuickTime 7.5.7, users of the new Apple laptops will now be able to watch standard definition iTunes Store videos piped to an external display via a DisplayPort-to-DVI or -to-VGA adapter. But restrictions still apply to high-def content -- and that's not a bug, it's a feature. Media companies are insanely paranoid about the so-called "analog hole," and feel that unless there is copy protection built in to every step of the link between media player and display device, there's a risk for piracy. So I hope you enjoy watching ultra-sharp video on your laptop's 13-inch screen, because unless you happen to have bought a brand-new DisplayPort-ready monitor, that's where you'll be watching it.

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