Juniper on the prowl, looking for Nortel partners

Juniper Networks has a new campaign out, trying to lure Nortel channel partners over to their side. According to reports, Juniper sent out a letter to Nortel partners earlier this week, testing the Nortel partners' loyalty and suggesting that they may want to look for some alternatives. The letter didn't directly mention Nortel's financial problems, but the implication was there.

Nothing against Nortel here, but the proposition does make sense. I wouldn't recommend jumping ship entirely, but it never hurts to have more than one option in your reseller bag.

Nortel had $3.4 billion in losses for the third quarter, and laid off 1,300 staff. At the same time, Juniper seems to be flourishing, with a profitable quarter with positive year-over-year comparisons. There are obvious similarities between the two companies' product lines, and diversifying--especially during hard times--makes perfect sense.

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