M&A activity still going strong

The current recession is unlike any other in recent history, and as we writers (who are always looking for a high-impact statement) like to tell everyone, "it's the biggest crisis since the depression." It's a little difficult to pinpoint how channel vendors are reacting exactly to the recession, mainly because they are all reacting differently. One question that is highly relevant is whether merger and acquisition activity is still going strong, and it would seem that the answer is "yes."

Reports from a technology forum indicated that many of the major channel vendors, including Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Symantec, are still looking for potential merger partners and acquisition targets. there have been several examples lately, for example, Sparxent has been actively looking to acquire VARs with specialized expertise.

During a recession, there are naturally going to be more companies that are ripe for acquisition, and it would seem too, that more vendors are going to start seeing themselves as "white knights."

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