SIIA looks at illegal software resellers online

The Software Information and Industry Association (SIIA) filed suit earlier this month against eight software resellers who were selling illegal copies of software on eBay, Amazon, and iOffer. The lawsuits, filed on behalf of Adobe Systems, is part of the organization's attempt to get a handle on illegal software sales.

Illegal software sales online is surprisingly prevalent. While some under-the-radar sales may just be individuals selling off copies of their own software, others are full-fledged pirates, selling bootlegged, copied, or otherwise pilfered software as new. According to reports, since the SIIA has started monitoring eBay--which has been notorious as a host for people selling illegal software--sellers have started to move to other sites, including the free-wheeling Craigslist. The SIIA has experienced some frustration with eBay, which does little to prevent known pirtaes from returning to the site once they have been banned.

Online sales of software is however, a reality, whether VARs like it or not--it's going to happen. The only hope is to make it happen legitimately. Towards this end, the SIIA launched its Certified Software Reseller program, where ebay merchants get a logo to post on their listings to indicate that they are not selling illegal software.

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