More predictions for 2009

For those of us who spend our time watching the industry and writing about it, this is the time for predictions--and the online and print media are awash with them. While some of them are realistic and others are just wishful thinking, it's always fascinating to take a look at these scribblings, at this time of year when we're all gazing into our crystal balls. Colin Steele's Channel Marker blog entry yesterday takes on the subject of virtualization, and what direction it will take next year.

Colin's survey of the experts reveals five predictions for virtualization, starting out with Microsoft Hyper-V. As is often the case with us industry psychics, there are two different schools of thought here. IDC says that Hyper-V will "turn the volumemetrics of the market upside down" due to the staggering number of footprints; while another blog predicts that Hyper-V's impact is still a long way off.

2009, according to another observer, will be "the year of the cloud", and CIOs will start to deploy it in their businesses, driven primarily by the economic realities of the recession. According to the VMWare CTO, virtualization will become the "de facto infrastructure for cloud computing, and desktop virtualization will take off in a big way next year as well.

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