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http://www.freecontractmobilephone.co.uk – The LG KP500 Cookie or simply LG Cookie is a must-have for those mobile enthusiasts who cannot give up on their fancy of possessing a touchscreen mobile phone and are also on a stringent budget. This is a compact mobile phone device which not only includes budgeted mobile buyers to it but also include sumptuous features which are only available to people who have bought steep mobile phones. This is why, this phone has been popular within a shorter period and it has launched with its amazingly economic and excellent deals to offer great features at little prices to pay.

This LG KP500 cookie featuring touchscreen can be controllable with its virtual set of buttons, icons and stylus which are supplied with the phone. There are several touchscreen phones which are often found out to be a little inconvenient to use, however, this Cookie version of LG mobile phone has been known to be much easier and is a great phone to use. Though some users have reported that stylus feature of LG KP500 seems to be a little bit annoying. But, overall, this is indeed a good and user-friendly touchscreen mobile handset at a much lesser price range than the expensively tagged iPhone.

Besides being a stunningly looked touchscreen phone, it includes lots of other features that contribute in making this attractive and “too good to resist” - and that too when the phone is economically priced. To begin with, this phone is consisting of some exclusive attributes like a 3.2 megapixels camera with digital zooming facility, built-in media player and FM radio, handwriting recognition, wireless Bluetooth connectivity as well as USB 2.0 cable connectivity, document viewer to view documents of diverse formats such as TXT, DOC, PDF, XLS and PPT. It has a versatile document viewer, the media player too is extremely versatile to play various formats of music like MP3, AAC, AAC+ and AAC++ and also WMA.

Another alluring feature of LG KP500 Cookie is its built-in accelerometer which makes this phone a unique one. Due to the presence of this accelerometer in this phone, it gives the handset an intuitive ability to sense which way the phone is up and enables the phone automatically rotate its display. Another good feature of this LG handset is this has a virtual QWERTY keyboard which slides into view as and when the phone is turned into landscape mode. The accelerometer in the phone is also helpful during playing mobile games so that users can tilt as per their convenience and turn the phone as 'Wii-style' for obtaining better control over the movements.

The LG KP500 Cookie poses as a great mobile handset for those who are looking out to access World Wide Web when they are mobile and on the go. It incorporates a good quality web browser, WAP 2.0 to access Internet faster. Its wide screen display is perfect to take a full view of web pages and offers added pleasure of checking mails or surfing net through their mobile phones. This LG mobile phone can be operated with quadband GSM networks to help people use this phone from any part of the world. Now that if you are looking for memory space then you will be happy to know that it supports microSD™ memory card of up to 8 GB to offer more than a sufficient space to accommodate all your favourite music, images, videos etc. The Bluetooth connectivity is offered with enhanced features including A2DP capacity to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device like Bluetooth® headphones, Bluetooth® headset and a personal computer or a laptop.

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