Gartner out with TOP 30 countries for offshoring US IT jobs – Gartner always delivers interesting studies for IT industry. The latest Top 30 countries to which companies offshore IT jobs. Not a pleasant topic for many US IT professionals. Yet we all know it continues to happen. Cost is still a key indicator for this decision while language and cultural compatibility are the issues that customers care about. So where is the divide? Has IT failed to connect with CFOs and others making the decision to oursource? Has IT not connected with customers enough to have them impacting this decision? Or would it be happening anyway as cost cutters look for anyway to increase profits or salvage a bad year?

I am interested in hearing your thoughts. Much of my business time is spent working with IT organizations on connecting with their companies' business, their customers' key challenges, and also to develop the customer relationship and teamwork skills to be a true partner. Some have learned the hard way about offshoring while others escaped it completely. Still others went for it and have stayed with it. What's happening in your company on offshoring and why?

Kate Nasser, Former Techie and President of


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