Patch those computers, the boogeyman is coming!

Security companies like to make shocking claims so that we will be convinced to use their products. And while part of that is just marketing, the fact is, we do need to be shocked out of our complacency every now and then. We need to be told that the boogeyman is out there and he’s going to get our computer one day. Some of the reports out there may exaggerate the size and power of the boogeyman, but be that as it may, he’s still out there, lurking in the shadows.

There’s a report floating around that claims that 98 percent of all PCs are vulnerable. The report, issued by Secunia, says that according to their data, only 1.91 percent of Windows PCs are fully patched. The company has a free utility that will check whether your software has all the latest updates and patches. I’m not in the business of doing reviews here, but I mention it because of the relevance of the data and the importance of the claim.

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