He said what? -- The oddly informative news quiz

Who isn't afraid of a little healthy debate, no matter how inflammatory? Who blew minds in 1968 with visions of a responsive computer? Who celebrated purified water by dancing on air? Who discovered that Mega-D is back and badder than ever? Think you know? Take the quiz already!

Rollover the ??? for answers.


The quotes

1. "'Mega-D' has come back to its original strength. 'Cutwail' is running strong, and so is 'Kraken.'"

2. "A little bit of debate never hurts. This is part of being an open-source company. ... people are free to blog about what they want."

3. "There will be dancing later."

4. "We have not increased the pricing, nor are we charging $150 for Windows XP. For customers who order a system with Windows XP Professional via the downgrade rights program, Dell charges $20 to ... pre-install Windows XP Pro with all drivers on the system, include a reinstall CD and include a Vista Business install DVD, plus a CD with Vista drivers."

5. "If, in your office, you, as an intellectual worker, were supplied with a computer display backed up by a computer that was alive for you all day and was instantly ... responsive to every action that you had, how much value could you derive from that?"


The quoted

A. Marten Mickos, senior VP of Sun's database group, commenting on a now-infamous Nov. 29 blog post by Michael "Monty" Widenius, original developer of the open source database MySQL, in which he trashed Sun's decision to give the update a "generally available" designation

B. NASA mission controllers in response to the Endeavour astronauts' report that a system allowing them to recycle their own urine into drinking water was up and running.

C. Douglas Engelbart describing his vision of computing before the 1968 demo in which he introduced the first mouse.

D. Joe Stewart, director of malware research at SecureWorks Inc., commenting on the resurgence of several botnets since the Nov. 11 takedown of rogue hosting company McColo.

E. Dell spokesman David Frink reacting to a Computerworld story that reported that Dell is offering its Inspiron line of consumer desktop and laptop PCs with Windows XP for a surcharge of $150 over the newer Windows Vista.


Answer key

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