Quiz: He said what? (an oddly informative news quiz)

Who isn't going to say hi and walk off? Who flipped an energy-guzzling PC on its head? Who doesn't think breasts are harmful to children? Who has bigger, badder things to worry about than flaws in the MD5 hashing algorithm? Think you know? Take this week's quiz!

Rollover the ??? for answers.


The quotes

1. "The PS3 may be able to break even in 2009 with further hardware revisions."

2. "It's like we took a gas-guzzling SUV of a PC, flipped it on its head and created the hybrid of high-performance PCs."

3. "It doesn't matter if you get a fake MD5 certificate, because you never check your certs anyway."

4. "Phil [Schiller] isn't going to get up onstage, say hi, and walk off."

5. "This campaign has proven that Wikipedia matters to its users, and that our users strongly support our mission: to bring free knowledge to the planet."

6. "By tomorrow you should allow the battery to fully run out of power before the unit can restart successfully then simply ensure that your device is recharged, then turn it back on."

7. "I think it's time we all get over this notion that women's breasts are dangerous and harmful for children to see."


The quoted

A. Bruce Schneier, a noted cryptography expert and the chief security technology officer with BT who seems to think we have bigger, badder things to worry about than flaws in the MD5 hashing algorithm.

B. Stephanie Muir, organizer of a "virtual nurse-in" on Facebook, to protest the site's policy restricting photos of nursing babies

C. Market research firm iSuppli in a statement noting that the components used to produce the second-generation of the PS3 console cost $448.73, based on October component prices (compared to $690.23 for the first generation of the PS3). Despite the cuts, Sony still takes a loss on the sale of each PS33 console, which sells for $400 on Amazon.com.

D. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on Wikimedia's fundraising campaign, which has received about $6.2 million from 125,000 donors since early November.

E. Microsoft Zune spokesman Matt Akers on how to fix the Zune's leap-year bug.

F. Rahul Sood, CTO for HP's Global Gaming Business describing a pair of new high-performance desktop PCs that sport a slim, green-friendly design.

G. Michael Gartenberg, VP of market research firm JupiterMedia on speculation about what, if anything, Apple might reveal at Macworld -- where Steve Jobs won't be giving the keynote address.


Answer key

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